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healing is an art - it takes time, practice and love.

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welcome to Infinite Light transformation services

we are here to provide you with healing services


in a safe place of acceptance and no judgement

embrace yourself in love and kindness

because you are worth it

imagine being able to look out at the world and see and feel possibilities

imagine a thinking space that has light and clear beginnings

explore the world for what it is and find acceptance with what is around you

imagine a life that makes you smile with appreciation and gratefulness for you and those around you

because you are worth it

we recognize how valuable you are.  healing can be so difficult, allow us to lovingly guide you into a place of acceptance and authenticity

we would love the opportunity to be part of your healing journey - call and have a free conversation

Service Pricing

Psychological Services

we offer gentle acceptance and guidance with a compassionate team, to give you the psychological support that you need

we have access to the first nations health benefit program

First Nations

Mindfulness and meditation small groups

we educate and empower you to move forward with courage and purpose through healing and support groups, art expression, spiritual guidance, and psychological sessions

come down and have a coffee, make a painting, create a new beginning, laugh with some friends, lean on someone, meditate and find acceptance.

Art Expression

healing is an art. it takes time, practice and love


get back your peace of mind

having to survive and experience the painful impact of domestic violence and/or abuse can haunt us again and again, making it difficult to move on. Infinite Light transformation services is here to help you find real love from within yourself - to find trust and authentic courage that will bring forward emotional healing... reminding and bringing forward the amazing awareness that you are BEAUTIFUL, you are LOVED, and YOU ARE WORTH IT.

we are here to help you begin to transform the hurt that lives within your story into a beautiful masterpiece of true acceptance and self-love. we do this through individual and group art therapy sessions and support/spiritual guidance and support groups. get in touch with us to book your session today or to learn more information about what we do.

“for each season is an opportunity of growth and transformation… helping you embrace the emotion, accept a new perspective, and allow the transformation.” Anna Peters

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