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healing takes practice, it takes time, and above all - it takes love


the path to healing does sound hard and painful. thinking about painful emotions and sitting in that space can be frightening - many would rather stay where they can control feelings and be in comfort... BUT

"change only happens when the need for change becomes stronger than the need to stay the same"

don't wait until you break, to get help... making the choice and taking a chance to better yourself is hard... BUT

you are worth it!    take that giant step… 

we want you to know that healing and letting go actually opens space inside for better things.  as we release and deal with buried hurt, we do develop good habits that will allow good things to happen to and for us. 

the first step doesn’t have to be done by yourself, it can be done with help, with someone you can trust. 

we can help you prepare for the emotional changes and bring forward the hurt, to walk alongside you - to create a healing path with you. we can help you find the empowerment and resources needed in order to find that healing that will work effectively for you and at your own pace.  

we provide services of emotional release and can help bring you to a place that is more comfortable and manageable so that you may choose to move forward with psychological healing.  

"the most difficult part of my healing journey was the first steps - to seek out help and then to find someone that I could actually trust"  -anonymous


Infinite Light transformation services launched in 2019, with a mission of authentic purpose; to pass on beautiful healing and coping skills for the outcome of transformation.  we plan to always be moving forward with changes and consistent growth; bringing forward healing in our community and make a difference for hurting individuals impacted by trauma, stress and challenges in life. 

Infinite Light offers transformation services to assist you with life's difficult and confusing challenges in ways such as: expressive art therapy, counselling, spiritual guidance, psychological services, and support and healing groups. 

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 you are beautiful, you are worth it, and you are loved.

Our Team

we are currently looking for team members for face to face, phone, and video online sessions. please contact Anna for more information

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Anna Peters

owner and transformation specialist at Infinite Light transformation services - specializing in hope and healing through art expression - for all ages, spiritual guidance sessions, trauma healing sessions, meditations, energy healing, numerology, and facilitating our healing / support groups.

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Pina Martinovich

registered psychologist for Infinite Light transformation services - offering professional psychological services to individuals in ways of video online sessions, first nations direct billing, direct billing to benefits, and assessments.  for ages 13 and older. 

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Feeling Safe – the first step

"it took many years for me to be able to even come close to feeling safe enough to express my real self in front of a psychologist… once I finally cracked through that mask… it was because I finally felt safe.  safety was the very first step to healing, and for many ‘broken’ individuals out there, that have experienced PTSD or CTSD or any abuse in childhood – safety is not something we are familiar with and in order to trust, safety must be felt. I had no idea what this looked or felt like.  

I knew I needed this, as specialists told me – so I pretended and did what they said I needed to do. that wasn’t real for me and actually helped me cover up my real self even more... causing me to be frustrated most of the time and add on another couple of years of therapy." -anna

let us help you find that safety and acceptance, so that you can trust and be open - and together we can plan a healing timeline that is fitted for you and your experience.  

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moving forward with purpose


moving forward with purpose. encouraging and empowering hurting individuals to take those first steps into infinite light. with courage and strength, we are moving forward in great faith, love and determination... to live a life of expression embracing emotion and accepting beautiful transformation. our story can be beautiful.

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