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healing takes practice, it takes time, and above all - it takes love



Infinite Light transformation services launched in 2019, with a mission of authentic purpose; to pass on beautiful healing and coping skills for the outcome of transformation.  we plan to always be moving forward with changes and consistent growth; bringing forward new healing modalities within our community - to make a difference for hurting individuals impacted by trauma, stress and challenges in life. 

Infinite Light offers transformation services to assist you with life's difficult and confusing challenges in ways such as: counselling hypnotherapy, motivational & inspirational healing therapy, energy healing, expressive art therapy, psychological services, and healing groups. 

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 you are beautiful, you are worth it, and you are loved.

Our Team

we are currently looking for team members for face to face, phone, and video online sessions. please contact Anna for more information

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Anna Peters

transformation specialist, counselling hypnotherapist, reiki & bio energy practitioner, motivational & Inspirational healing therapist, artist, writer  

helping people transform;  in ways of counselling hypnotherapy, motivational & inspirational healing therapy, reiki & bio energy healing, art expression therapy, healing groups/ workshops - for all ages

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Pina Martinovich

registered psychologist 

offering professional psychological services to individuals in ways of video online sessions, first nations direct billing, direct billing to benefits, and assessments.  for ages 13 and older. 

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moving forward with purpose


moving forward with purpose. encouraging and empowering hurting individuals to take those first steps into infinite light. with courage and strength, we are moving forward in great faith, love and determination... to live a life of expression embracing emotion and accepting beautiful transformation. our story can be beautiful.

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