Anna Peters - owner  and transformation specialist

a little about me

I am an artist. I paint my own emotional expression and create lovely landscapes of brilliant color

I am a writer. I verbalize emotion and compassion with powerful stories of truth and fantasy

I am a teacher. I teach people truth and awareness of healing potential and the process of healing through trauma


I am a transformation specialist. I guide and empower through empathy and genuine compassion from a great testimony of faith - to bring you to a place of self acceptance and forgiveness

“do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."   Romans 12:2


allow me to help prepare you for a life of transformation and beautiful healing.  I can help you to embrace your story and emotion and find that healing path that is needed for you at your own pace.

I am a person highly skilled in the field of psychological healing and transformation. this means that through my own significant experience and many years of healing,  I am able to pass on amazing skills to individuals with a purpose to overcome - as I have.  

I have been through intensive psychological trauma, felt and lived in the darkness resulting from that. I overcame this, after many years of therapeutic process and self-healing research (guided by psychologists) - through intensive psychological healing, I have undergone extreme transformation.

this transformation:  dramatic changes in the way that I think (yes that means re-wiring my brain and stilling my opinions, quieting the negative filter’s), the ways that I feel (my emotions, knowing what they are, where they come from, and what they mean), the ways that I love (listening through my heart, finding my authentic compassion), the ways I react (my triggers and how I deal with each one), the ways I express myself (releasing negative energy, emotions, repressed and new, healthy and unhealthy coping), and the many ways that I look at life (my unique perceptions).

because I have undergone significant transformation through my own healing; from the mental impacts of childhood traumatic events- I have overcome from being a victim and survivor to becoming an independent woman, strong in love and faith.  as a teacher, artist, writer, and transformation specialist, I lead others to overcome and embrace themselves in many ways of: art expressive therapy, healing and support groups, unique healing techniques, and through my own spiritual guidance sessions. I guide with these specialties of skill and creative expression, to help others to release emotion and put a voice to the silence that is within; to allow open space for peace and authentic belonging - to be empowered enough to embrace the courage... to find the freedom

allow me to show you how to be brave.  book a session because you are so worth it!

contact me to hear my journey of faith - I love to share my testimony

“I am a child of God, creating beauty; sharing pieces of myself through expressions of inspiring art, independent strength, creativity, and voice. I do this so that I can be heard and understood, included and belong. I am a child of God guiding others to do the same.”

- Anna Peters


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