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expressive art for therapeutic release


expressive art therapy

to empower and motivate movement

“painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” -Pablo Picasso

Infinite Light transformation services provides expressive art therapy, which includes the following:

  • providing a safe and calm environment to be yourself, without judgement
  • gentle coaching to access deep emotion without reliving the trauma
  • full access to canvas and paint materials
  • fully guided art expression - releasing emotion and finding beauty in your own creation

"the beauty of expressing emotion through art is amazing... I’ve found that it is an incredible gift to be able to release through art.  It takes courage to get to a point where you can be you, to find an authentic emotion, allow the process of just being in that emotion long enough to allow it to be transferred onto an object or canvas."  

What our customers are saying

art was made to overcome chaos.

- Don Jones

healing is an art.  it takes time, practice, and love


What our customers are saying

this really is amazing, I still express with every painting and I still look at each piece of art and lovingly admire my journey and how far I’ve come in my own healing. 

I can see the transformation with each art piece. I can see the steps and I honor them because it redefines how I feel about myself and ‘why’ I am here.  

right now... I am expressing in a beautiful way, expressing hurt from places that I can't even remember and you know what? 

It’s beautiful and I love it!

- Anna Peters

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