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we’ve loved every minute of our journey - here is a list of the services we provide and prices

expressive art therapy sessions

expressing authentic emotion through art and creativity. with purpose of finding beauty and acceptance within yourself, this process is very rewarding. 

these sessions are individual face to face or done in a group. see below for prices.

you do have the option to keep the art that you have created.

Click to learn more about art expression

guidance sessions

find a healing plan that works with a transformation specialist.  guidance and counseling for spiritual insight and growing opportunities/ educating and empowerment to move forward with courage.  book a session with a practitioner for counseling, energy healing, meditation and experience the power in numbers to learn skills to silence those negative thoughts.  see below for prices.

these sessions are individual face to face, phone, or online video.

see below for detailed information about our healing groups.

psychological and counselling services

we are offering psychological and counselling video online sessions.  professional healing for individuals, couples, and families struggling on your journey.

direct billing is available. 

Click here for information on our psychological services

healing and support groups

Click to view our groups

group mission

to change communities: 

to offer transformation to those that are hurting. to transform individuals and bring forward hope for families.

group vision

to have transformed individuals making better choices: 

moving forward and embracing who they are. to thrive and be part of a community that embraces and accepts change.

service pricing - phone for free information

expressive art therapy 


per person for a 1 hour session

power of numbers reading - experience what your birth numbers mean


per person for 1 hour

contact us to book an appointment

reiki energy 


per person for 1 hour

click here for more information on reiki 



per person for 10 sessions

or $20 per 2 hour group session 

psychology sessions 


per person for 1 hour

direct billing is available and First Nations Benefits direct billing

discounted rates are available for special situations.  please contact for more information

for more information on expressive art therapy, click here

for more information on psychological services, click here

for more information about groups, click here